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Re: problem getting values from cw_bgroup normal base

Lisa Gandy wrote:
> I have set up a cw_bgroup in a normal base and am trying to get the
> individual values for each button.  This is the code that
> I am using to set up the compound widget
> main_bgroup_arr = ['one','two','three']
> main_bgroup = cw_bgroup(base,main_bgroup_arr,/return_index,/column,$
>               label_top='Main Menu',/frame,uvalue = 1)
> and this is the code that I am using to try to access the individual
> values for the buttons...
> widget_control,main_bgroup,get_value=val.
> The xmanager catches the error and says
> "unable to get plain button group value".
> How do I get the individual values for each button?  Can I not
> use the widget_control, get_value property??

Right, you can not use get_value for normal buttons in CW_BGroup.  

If you want to know which button was pushed, you could use the VALUE
field in the event structure.  You specified that it should be returned
as the button's INDEX value when you set RETURN_INDEX = 1.

from the online help...

> Button Group widgets generates event structures with the following definition:
> event = {ID:0L, TOP:0L, HANDLER:0L, SELECT:0, VALUE:0 }
> The SELECT field is passed through from the button event. VALUE is either the INDEX, ID, NAME, or BUTTON_UVALUE of the button, depending on how the widget was created.


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