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Re: Cartesian IDLgrSurface of [theta,phi] data to a sphere??

david@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote in message news:<MPG.15ddaa84739ac966989e61@news.frii.com>...
> I'm not sure I totally understand this problem, but
> wouldn't it be easier (and help with the mapping)
> if you put the data on the sphere as a texture map?
> That way you could use the Texture_Coord keyword to
> position the data anywhere you like.
> Cheers,
> David

Thanks David. I've never done this and did think about it, but I was
hoping to be able to retain the 'awareness' of my data so that i could
possibly add code that would allow me to say, mouse over a grid point
and the value would popup. I can get teh data *on* the spherical grid
ok (see eg code from last post), I'm just not getting the idea of how
to get it to orient correctly. I've spent literally hours rotating and
transforming, but no go. I'm missing something and thought maybe
someone had some advice on it. My next option is to texture map which
is new to me so probably another can o' worms to get it mapped
correctly. Many, many thanks for your advice and time.