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Re: column labels on table widgets

ronn kling wrote:

> Has anyone figured out if it is possible to put two rows in a table widget
> column label? It would look something like this
> -----------------------------------------
> | NAME  |  AREA   |   MASS  |  TYPE   |
> |       |  CM^2   |    KG   |         |
> -----------------------------------------
> |  A2   |  12.0   |  5.3    |   G2    |
> -----------------------------------------

I don't believe so.  I have written a widget object which replaces much of the
functionality of the table widget but includes

  - multiple rows of column labels
  - different color backgrounds and foregrounds per cell
  - different alignments per cell
  - different fonts for the column labels and table body
  - none of the weird sizing problems of the table widget

It uses a draw widget with separate pixmaps for each cell.

That's the good news.  The bad news is that I wrote this object for my own needs
and so it is not really documented (yet).

I would be glad to give out the code as is, or if there is enough interest I
could make it available in a more easily usable form.