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Re: Setting colors for Plotting to PRINTER

After reviewing Dr. Fanning's code, it appears to me that
the following should work for a color plot on all non-screen devices
    (or at least the ones where !D.NCOLORS EQ 256)  :


To produce a red plot.
Is this correct????

--- However, my PS device (at least) still appears black.
        that may be a seperate issue to look into later.

All that aside....
There is a special case for 'PRINTER' where fsc_color.pro
seems to NOT do the TVLCT call.
How is it that for 'PRINTER' a color gets loaded into index 22....
when the TVLCT call appears to be skipped?

This is kind of hard for me to test, since I do not have
a color printer on my development system.

How would the color 22 get set to red for:

c = fsc_color('red',22)
; i think c would be 22 here

Is there any place in the IDL documentation that covers
how to set PLOT colors on non-screen devices?
Is the PRINTER device somehow different from other
non-screen devices?
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