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Re: Discussion on global variables in IDL

david@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote in message news:<MPG.15dd76e818f14349989e60@news.frii.com>...
> Altyntsev Dmitriy writes:
> > I do not understand why IDL can not do all this stuff itself. It can
> > be done several ways.
> IDL is far from perfect, true. But, like Paul van Delst,
> I would find it hard to live without it.
> Cheers,
> David

I felt to be thrown off balance in some way about IDL, but now I feel
I've got into the 'stream'. I seem to have understood the situation
and the only thing that one might desire is some feedback from RSI
like "Okay, guys. We are looking after you. We know what do you want.
We do a hard work and we will make it better without a doubt. IDL
forever, etc" Wishful thinking again ;-) Meanwhile I thank you for
your encouraging (I would even say psychotherapeutic) work, I'm taking
my wrench and continue doing my work on a slow road.