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Re: Superscripts in IDL [x-y]title

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998 02:16:25 GMT, menakkis@my-dejanews.com wrote:

>hjpsmith@bigfoot.com (Henry J. P. Smith) wrote:
>> My co-author on a paper would like to see superscripts in the axis
>> titles of simple 2-d plots, e.g. instead of something like cm**-3 ot
>> have cm^{-3} - using TeX notation.
>> I am using PS fonts so I think there must be a way to do this. Is
>> there any way to get IDL to do it directly? I suppose I could do it in
>> POSTSCRIPT but I don't really know PS and don't have time to learn it
>> right now. At least I think I don't - perhaps the same thing? <G>
>I speak from a standpoint of relative ignorance (I usually don't mess with
>fonts :-), but I think something like this IS quite easy.  Search the IDL
>online docs for "Embedded Formatting Commands" and all shall be revealed.  In
>brief, !E embedded in your character string will kick following text up to
>superscript, and !N will put following text back to normal.  This stuff
>reportedly works for various devices (on a pot-luck basis, apparently).  It
>DOES work for PS, on IDL/NT at least.

Thanks a lot to David and Peter! This should do it.

Why is it so hard sometimes to find such simple solutions? <G> Or is
it just me? <GG>