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Re: GUI Builder limited to Windows platform (LONG)

David Foster wrote:
> I wanted to post a response I received from Mark Goosman, the
> IDL Product Manager, about my concern that the new GUI Builder is
> meant only for the Windows platforms. As far as I can tell, they
> have no plans on extending this functionality to other platforms.

<long response snipped>

I wanted to follow this up with a sincere apology to Mark Goosman.
It is important that everyone know that his reply to me was a
personal communication, and he did not intend to have it posted
for the world to see.

After a discussion with him I realize that I should have responded
to him personally, and then perhaps posted the results of this
exchange. Posting his reply without his permission was a serious
breach of netiquette and I apologize.

After talking with Mark I have a better idea of how hard it is for
RSI to prioritize development efforts given limited resources. And
to be fair, I am much happier having support for Dicom, unsigned
integers, etc. etc. in IDL 5.2 than I would have been with a
GUI builder for my Unix box.


David Foster

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