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Re: RSI's Priorities (was: GUI Builder...)

Andy Loughe wrote:
>> I hope it is
>> apparent that RSI makes every effort to prioritize resources in a way
>> that makes IDL most effective in solving the needs of our users and
>> customers.
> Is this the opinion of the users and customers on this newsgroup?

 I've rather mixed feelings on this subject.  RSI has always
been very helpful with regard to bug reports.  They are still
making enhancements to IDL that I find useful, such as 16-bit
unsigned integers, PNG support, and keeping up with CDF.

However, I'm watching recent developments with objects and
object graphics with some dismay.  All of the data analysis
and display that I've needed to do has been easy to accomplish
without any of these newfangled object thingies.  Seriously,
I've managed to maintain some moderate sized programs without
using objects.  Given the existence of objects it is quite
likely that I'll get around to using them eventually, but I
can't help but see this as a choice between

New bells and whistles at $1500 a pop or
Freeze development and deliver an ``IDL Classic'' at
$500 per head.

My vote would certainly be for the second option.

Brian Jackel