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Re: Creating Directories

The solutions presented in this thread all seem to be unacceptable
in view of the fact that IDL is, in principle, platform independent.
I was contracted to write a piece of widget software that is supposed
to run under unix/linux (the only platform *I* am able to stomach),
VMS, Mac, as well as MS-Win/99 (or whatever it's called now). I happen to need
to create subdirectories recursively and so on -- so, if I may ask,
where is the IDL command to do directory creation platform independently.
Independent like FILEPATH, for example. If I had direct access to all the
different platforms I could of course easily write my own function using
the !VERSION system variable. Let me know if anybody comes up with a
CREATEDIR command for IDL.  :-)  -trond


| Trond S. Trondsen trondsen@phys.ucalgary.ca [VE6NOR] | 
| Institute for Space Research  -  Calgary, AB, Canada |