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Re: Display Gifs, each w/diff color tables?

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  rmlongfield@my-deja.com wrote: (see previous post)

I forgot to mention that I do have 24-bit colors.  This doesn't show up
in the !version structure.

Thanks Liam, for your suggestion.  I was actually trying to display
these GIF files with your FRAME tool and getting all sorts of crazy
colors.  Unfortunately, your suggestion produced the same problems.

Yes, DWF, I also thought that with 256*256*256 colors that I could also
get as many different color tables displayed as I wish.
Anyway,  I tried what Liam suggested and it works for a few files
(probably made on the same computer) but not all of them.
Here is how I have been trying to track this problem:

>I use:     read_gif,'./GIF_FILES/file.gif',image,r,g,b
>and get: IDL> help,r,g,b
		R               BYTE      = Array[256]
		G               BYTE      = Array[256]
		B               BYTE      = Array[256]

>I look at the values with:

What I see is three columns of numbers filled.   My first image has
numbers in the first 13 rows.  My second image has the first 9 rows and
the last 10 filled.  When I display this image, the colors in the first
image change also.  My next image has only an array size of 64 for the
rgb vector.  The next image has numbers in ALL of the 256 columns!.
(This is bizaar because when I look at image info with XV, it gets only
3 colors) If I understand this correctly (and I suspect that I don't),
especially with this last one, the new colors are affecting the colors
defined in the other gif images.

I thought that with 24 bit colors that this would not be a problem.
David, I was looking at the color_quan function with curiosity yesterday
but wasn't sure how I could use it. Do I have to make a jpeg image from
the gif file and then display it as a jpeg file?  Perhaps this gives me
more control of the colors.
   Well, for the moment I am just going to use SPAWN,'xv file.gif'
which is hardly a solution but will do for now.

Sigh.  Lighting candles is likely to set off the fire alarm in the
building and get me into trouble.


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