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Re: Display Gifs, each w/diff color tables?

In article <MPG.11f455e18517a391989820@news.frii.com> 
davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> So, here is what I would do, assuming that the GIF files
> really only do use a handful of colors each. I'd create
> color separations of the GIF image, just as if you were
> going to create 24-bit JPEG images, for example:
>    http://www.dfanning.com/tips/jpeg.html
> Then, I would take these 24-bit images and I would pass them
> through COLOR_QUAN, but I would use the COLORS keyword and
> restrict the number of output colors to something like 16 or
> so.  Then, I would use the split color table method you
> tried previously, but now using the color table vectors
> you get back from COLOR_QUAN. If all goes well, that should
> work, although I have definitely NOT tried it just now.

Yes, David, I think this is the way to go. One possible
improvement, however, would be to bundle all the 24-bit
images together in (3) single array(s) before passing them
to color_quan. Then, you'd get a ready-made color table for
use with all the images at once. If some or all your images
are using identical colors, this method will save you a
lot of slots in the color table.


Stein Vidar