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Re: Display Gifs, each w/diff color tables?

Rose (rmlongfield@my-deja.com) writes:

> I forgot to mention that I do have 24-bit colors.  

Oh, well, then. In that case, I think you must
have your 24-bit display in brain-dead mode.
I'm going to guess you used Liam's setup file to
run his FRAME tool. His setup file puts a 24-bit
machine in an 8-bit PseudoColor mode, which sort of
defeats the purpose of a 24-bit color display.

Try this:

1. Before you open *any* graphics windows in IDL
   (check your startup file to be sure it doesn't open
   a pixmap graphics window), type this command:

   Device, True=24, Decomposed=0

2. Now you will be using a 24-bit TrueColor visual.
   Confirm it by typing this:

   Device, Get_Visual_Name=thisVisual, Get_Visual_Depth=thisDepth
   Print, thisVisual, thisDepth

   Or, if you have an older version of IDL:

   Help, /Device

In this mode you can display as many images as you
like with as many color tables as you can dream up.
They will all exist simultaneously on your display.
Simply load the color table associated with an image
and display the image. (Be *sure* you set color
decomposition OFF.) Loading the second (any any
subsequent) color table will NOT affect any of the
image colors that are previously on the display.



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