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Re: anstrom

Sang-Heon Shim wrote:

> Simple question.
>         How can I put angstrom character () in the postscript file using true
> type font?
>         Thanks.

Conveniently, the angstrom character is in the ASCII character set.  You can
generate the character with the "string" function and a byte argument:

IDL> print, STRING(197B)

You could use XYOUTS or something similar when writing to your postscript device;
the TrueType font, size, et cetera can be controlled using keywords to DEVICE.

For example, the following code draws some axes and drops a large TrueType
angstrom character in the middle.

IDL> set_plot, 'PS'
IDL> plot, [0], /nodata, xrange = [-50,50], yrange = [-50,50]
IDL> xyouts, 0,0, string(197B)
IDL> device, /close
IDL> set_plot, 'X'

Hope this helps,


Jeff Kolthammer

Nuclear Medicine Division
Picker International
Email: jeffk@nm.picker.com