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Re: memory allocation

Essa Yacoub <yacoub@cmrr.umn.edu> writes:
> Thanks all... The limit/unlimit command seems to be active
> but I cannot change the memoryuse size, and datasize is unlimited.
> the error seems to occur when I reach the memoryuse limit. The
> sysadmin could also not change the size under root. He thought
> he might need to reinstall some kernels. 

Hmm...  You obviously want to increase the memoryuse limit, since that
controls the amount of physical memory available to you at one time
(as opposed to total swap space for the process).

You may have to increase the "hard" limit.  Under the tcsh you do this
with "limit -h memoryuse XXX".  Unfortunately, root has to do that, so
I don't know how that resource privelige can be passed to you, Joe


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