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Re: anstrom

Sang-Heon Shim (sangshim@princeton.edu) writes:

> Thanks for the answer.  For vector font, your idea works fine. However,
> if I try to use true type font, it doesn't.
> IDL>xyouts, 0,0, string(197B), font=0 ; <- to get true type font
> It gives wired character.  Thanks.

You also have to set the ISOLATIN1 keyword. This works in both
vector and true-type fonts:

   thisDevice = !D.Name
   set_plot, 'PS'
   DEVICE, FILE='w.ps', SET_FONT='Helvetica', /TT_FONT, /isolatin1
   plot, [0], /nodata, xrange = [-50,50], yrange = [-50,50]
   xyouts, 0,0, 'This is some nice test ' + string(197B), Font=0
   device, /close
   set_plot, thisDevice



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