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Re: Easy way to make hard copies at full printer resolution

>>>>> "Kristian" == Kristian Kjr <Kristian.Kjaer@Risoe.DK> writes:

    Kristian>  Ideally I'd like to sit and type into the IDL command
    Kristian> prompt, using native IDL commands and my own (wrapper,
    Kristian> mainly) routines and, when a useful plot resulted on the
    Kristian> screen, make a hard copy of it without any extra
    Kristian> trouble.

Why wouldn't setting the device to 'ps', doing your plot to a temp
file, then shelling a 'gs' or 'gv' command work?  Your button could
just lpr the temp file.  

Or, if you have to have the window in an IDL canvas, plot to 'ps',
execute 'gs' with your screen resolution and output to a TIFF, then
read the temp file and TV to your display.

Alternatively, why can't you write plot wrappers that plot to the
screen, and save the command to a temp string, then 'print screen'
could set device to 'ps', execute the temp string, and print the temp

Probably one of these could be done with simple wrappers and good
display quality both in IDL and your printer.


David Fenyes  --  dfenyes@home.com