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Re: Call Tree Generator

In article <MPG.121bc33671cb20f1989887@news.frii.com>,
	davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) writes:
> Calvin King (cking@sandia.gov) writes:
>> Is there a program that looks at an IDL procedure/function and generates
>> the call tree? I inherited a large number of IDL programs for a project.
>> I am going through the programs one at a time starting at the
>> top-on-down to make sure I have all of the necessary programs before
>> compilation and use. Just to make sure I am explaining myself clearly,
>> the top level program A calls programs B and C; B calls D, E, and F; and
>> C calls G, H, I, and J, and so on... Is there an automated way to make
>> sure I have all of the programs: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and so on?
>> Thanks, in advance, for any pointers!
> Start a fresh IDL session. Compile your top-level program.
> Now type Resolve_All. If you get error messages, you don't
> have all the programs. :-)
> You will know which ones you need: the ones Resolve_All
> can't find.
A good method, but not perfect. It doesn't find any routine called with
EXECUTE, CALL_PROCEDURE, or CALL_FUNCTION. But it should be possible to
write a program that does the following:
  * resolve_all
  * get all compiled routines with -- was it HELP,... ?
          there is also some output of the filenames for these routines
  * loop through all files and look for EXECUTE, CALL_... statements
          and analyze their argument. If the argument is a simple
          string, you can assume there should be a file named <string>.pro
          if the argument is some sort of variable, it's harder. Maybe
          it's enough to simply print out a list of all EXECUTE and
          CALL_... statements. Of course you can do that with grep
          (one of the many many reasons why I will never switch from Unix
          to Windows - although I am told it exists for Windows which is
          to say for DOS)

just $0.02, or 0.0212 Euro ;-)


> Cheers,
> David