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Re: IDL and WAVE: # and types of users?

Joseph B. Gurman (gurman@gsfc.nasa.gov) writes:

> I would estimate the number of
> IDL users at some tens of thousands.
>     Of course, "users" is a broad term, including the cluesless using code
> developed by others.

I agree. In my own mind, I think 25,000 - 30,000 IDL users.
Nearly as many PV-Wave users, probably.  But an appallingly
high percentage are probably what Joe (not me) called the
"clueless". :-)

Even the non-clueless are using an amazingly small
percentage of IDL functionality.

If you are thinking about writing a book, or trying
to make a living as a consultant, and you really want
to ask, Is it possible to do this given the IDL/PV-Wave
market size? Then I would say, yes, if you are clever,
do quality work, have a burning desire to work night 
and day, can learn the marketing/sales/accounting/public
relations skills it requires to be successful, and 
have some money saved up (or an employed significant 
other) so you can eat while you are getting things 
going. After a year or two of happy clients, it's a 
cinch. :-)



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