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Re: IDL and WAVE: # and types of users?

Mitch Grunes <grunesm@sprynet.com> writes:

> I wish to estimate how many users there are for IDL and PV-WAVE.

> Anyone have any idea?  In terms of who has more, and in
> actual #'s?  Also: am I right that IDL users mostly fall
> into the remote sensing community, while PV-WAVE users are
> mostly financial business?  Or is that nonsense?

You are on the right track. IDL is much more prevalent in
the academic/remote sensing/astronomy communities than is
PV-WAVE, at least according to my perception of the types
of people that post here, where most of the topics are 
related to IDL.

In having followed the WAVE mailing list, it would seem
that WAVE is more prevalent in the aerospace/manufacturing/
test engineering environments than is IDL, at least as
indicated by the types that post to the mailing list.

Don't know how accurate those perceptions may be;
the sample populace of both groups isn't necessarily
indicative of the user communities at large.