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Re: TRIANGULATE says "Points are co-linear, no solution"

I get the same error running IDL 5.2.1 on Solaris...

In article <382C2028.7AD6@scorpio.tn.cornell.edu>,
  Jonathan Joseph <jj@scorpio.tn.cornell.edu> wrote:
> Sorry about the IDL code mixup, some cut/paste
> problems - and the fact that I changed variable names from
> from xx and yy to x and y (after pasting) but forgot to change
> them all.  In other words, I noticed that in the code I supplied
> that the readu command was missing the "y" at the end of it, and
> the plot command was plotting xx and yy instead of x and y
> (and probably shouldn't have had the /device on it).  And
> I left off the "close, unit" command to
> clean up the open file unit - though that shouldn't
> have mattered.  Sorry, I was in a rush and can only
> plead incompetancy.
> Anyway,  I *AM* running idl 5.2 (well, 5,2,1), so presumably,
> I should not have this problem.  I have created an IDL save file
> now at the same place ftp://scorpio.tn.cornell.edu/jj/idl/
> The file is called test.sav
> The following code should work:
> And by that, I mean (not work).
> At least, it causes the error listed below on my
> system (IDL 5.2.1 running on HP-UX 10.20)
> ;; restore the data
> IDL> restore,'test.sav'
> ;; create a window
> IDL> window
> ;; plot the data to see that it looks reasonable
> IDL> plot,x,y,psym=3
> ;; try to triangulate the points
> IDL> triangulate,x,y,tr,b
> % TRIANGULATE: Points are co-linear, no solution.
> I have tried the jitter business before to good effect.
> I guess I'll go that route for now, I just didn't want to
> accidentally jitter it too much and get "negative triangles"
> when I applied the triangulation to the real positions.
> As for what the data is...  Well, it has something to do
> with stereo offsets between images.  The interesting coastline
> effect is due to certain (dark) areas of the images are
> not being processed - and there is also a polygonal clipping region
> applied.  The actual images are of asteroid 253 Mathilde.
> And I apologize for the ranting - I was a bit over the
> edge yesterday afternoon.
> -Jonathan

Chris Jengo - Senior Imaging Scientist
Earth Satellite Corp. - Rockville, MD

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