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Re: Command input window in Windows: why only one line? Why, generally does the windows handling not work?

Bigorna wrote:
> I find one irritating feature in IDL for Windows, relative to the Unix
> and Linux versions: it is not possible to paste multiple lines of code
> into IDL! 

If it is any consolation, I completely agree with you.

There are several other flaws in the (5.x) windows port which are
perhaps somehow related:

) It is not possible, using the keyboard, to change focus to any 
  open *.pro file. You have to use the mouse.
) It is not possible, using the keyboard, to change focus to the 
  output log. You have to use the mouse.
) Worst, during long computations (or long whatever) the IDL window 
  is not updated. This means that if, during the long computation, 
  you have covered the IDL window by another window, then if you 
  try to put focus back on the IDL window, you don't get to see any 
  output that IDL may have produced in the meantime
  and which might help you to decide whether or not to let the
  computation continue.
  And, if you've programmed something like "Press key 'N' to Not
  continue", then after changing focus away from IDL, you cannot 
  get into a state where you can get IDL to listen to your 'N'.

BTW, IDL4 for windows didn't have these problems.

- Kristian