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Command input window in Windows: why only one line?

Dear all,

I have been using IDL for Unix for some years now and I recently had to
move to the Windows version.

I find one irritating feature in IDL for Windows, relative to the Unix
and Linux versions: it is not possible to paste multiple lines of code
into IDL! It is only possible to do it one line at a time (the clipboard
may have multiple lines, but IDL only runs the first one).

I know that this may not the cleanest way of testing/building/running
programs, but I find that copying and pasting parts of programs into the
IDL window (and running them, even with loops!) is a very efficient and
flexible way of doing tests! I can run bits and pieces of various
programs, without having to create a special procedure, compiling, etc.
A simple copy+paste does the same work much faster (but I do things
properly when the "bits and pieces" are working the way I want).

Am I the only one who works this way and thinks that RSI should allow
multiple code line pasting in their Windows version?!! Is there a way to
get around it?