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Re: Command input window in Windows: why only one line?

Bigorna wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have been using IDL for Unix for some years now and I recently had to
> move to the Windows version.
> I find one irritating feature in IDL for Windows, relative to the Unix
> and Linux versions: it is not possible to paste multiple lines of code
> into IDL! It is only possible to do it one line at a time (the clipboard
> may have multiple lines, but IDL only runs the first one).

It is not much consolation, but you can get multiple commands including for
loops into the windows command line,
by editting them into  a singleline, using the ampersand, eg as follows:

for i=1,3 do begin &  j=i*2 & print,j & endfor & end

But I agree it is not the easy solution you are after.

Michael Asten