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Windows PostScript Preview Image

Hi Folks,

There has been some discussion on this newsgroup lately
of how to produce a decent PostScript preview image, so
you could import the image into a Word or Powerpoint 
document and see something reasonable. I've written
an article on this topic that might shed some light on
the subject, at least for those of you working on Windows
machines. (Ninety percent of you, if my recent figures from
Microsoft are any indication. :-)


Note that the page may be a bit slow to load. The images
are larger than I like them to be, but I didn't use image
compression because I wanted the quality of the output
(or, frankly, absolute lack of it in the case of IDL's
preview image) to be apparent between the three different
methods I illustrate.

The first method is IDL's own, using the Preview keyword.
The second involves using Ghostview, as suggested on this 
newsgroup by Liam Gumley, and the third method uses Adobe 
Acrobat and was suggested to me by Larry Ashim.

I'll let you decide which method you prefer. :-)


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