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Good substitute for IDL

Dear European reader,

everybody who is no longer willing to support the price policy of the
European Location of RSI should try Yorick. Yorick is as fast as IDL and
some use it exclusively instead of IDL.

You can find Yorick (developed at Lawrence Livermoore National
Laboratory LLNL )at: ftp://ftp-icf.llnl.gov/pub/Yorick/yorick-ad.html

Why I am so annoyed about the IDL distribution. A few month ago I tried
to order the IDL student version direct from America. But it was
impossible to buy, because CREASO in Munich said: no.
AND: the prices in Europe lay 100% over that from America. There is no
rational explanation for that.
CREASO said that is due to handling:

 This is  absolutely an insolence.

My meaning is that they should make deals with other stupidly

Try Yorick.

Siegfried Gonzi

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