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Re: Real Number on PVWAVE

R. Kyle Justice wrote:
> I have only used PV-Wave (for about 6 years now).  Most
> of the posts to this newsgroup are fairly IDL specific so
> I feel a special need to "defend" PV-Wave when the need
> arises ;-P  I fear that our numbers are dwindling!

In fact, our numbers are growing, and at a pretty rapid clip.
However, most of the PV-WAVE user discussion takes place on the
VNI Mailing List Forum, to which you can subscribe by sending
a message to majordomo@boulder.vni.com containing the the
following in the body of the message:

subscribe pv-wave my@email.address
> From what I can tell, the DC_ functions are one of the few
> features in PV-Wave that is "superior" to IDL.

IMHO there are a lot of good reasons to use PV-WAVE. This
is not the place to trot out a list.

> As far as documentation goes, I like PV-Wave's fairly well.
> The only problem is it takes forever to get a new set of hardcopy
> docs whenver a new version comes out.  I *despise* online
> documentation!

Well, we could hold back the new product releases until
the documents are printed, but that would just annoy the
people who don't mind online documentation :-).

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