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Re: X window display sizes

your name wrote:
> There was an earlier question about finding the size of the display
> screen. I am familiar with David's answer:-
>         DEVICE, GET_SCREEN_SIZE = My_screen_size
> However, I am running under OpenVMS, CDE, Motif with X-windows. In my
> application, I create displays on a number of display devices using the
> Does anyone know how I can find the size of these (remote) displays?
> Some of these displays are PCs with an X-window emulator, so the
> resolution may be changed by the users without the knowledge of the
> system.
> Any help would be appreciated,
>         Ian
> email: Ian.Dean@GECM.COM

You can use the get_screen_size funtion as Dave mentions in a parallel 
thread (but check if your version has the same bug I found, posted to

Alternatavely, I have a DLM which makes direct Xlib calls to the X
to determine lots of information on the display, screen and available
visuals. It's rather a heavy-weight approach if all you require is the
dimensions but I could make it available if you like. It does require
a C compiler and an X development environment (basically the X header

Nigel Wade