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Re: File Selection Compound Widget Object

Rose (rmlongfield@my-deja.com) writes:

> 	I just tried DWF's program.  I did not have the program,
> error_message.pro , so the compilation failed.  However, getting it
> from DWF's web page, everything worked fine.

Whoops! Sorry, had those in there because they are a
whole lot more useful than the real error handlers
during debugging. Gone now. :-)


> 	I gave up on making compound widgets last year.  It would be
> interesting if using objects would simplify this procedure, as I found
> it difficult.

No, they are easy. The only difficulty is knowing
how to write them without common blocks. But you have
my book, so I'm *certain* you know how to do that! :-)



P.S. The biggest mistake most people make when starting
out to write compound widgets is to use the programs
supplied with IDL as examples. *Those* will get you
lost, for sure. :^)

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