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Re: At Last! A Subsititute for CW_Field.

>As always, I'm interested in testers and suggesters. :-)

This looks great!  

I have a specific suggestion regarding the DataType declaration keyword.

I've often wondered why the Type declaration keyword for CW_FIELD is not defined
as an alternative to declaring the data type with a keyword similar to
COYOTE_FIELD DataType keyword.   I guess I was thinking that it would nice to be
able to declare the field type on the fly by passing along the TYPE index
(returned by the SIZE function) to CW_FIELD (or COYOTE_FIELD) rather than
specifying "/Float",...  Is it possible to have each type of keyword (a string
"DataType" and and integer "Type")competing to define the field type?

Thanks for all the great tools!


Ben Tupper