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Re: At Last! A Subsititute for CW_Field.

Ben Tupper (Ben_member@newsguy.com) writes:

> I've often wondered why the Type declaration keyword for CW_FIELD is not defined
> as an alternative to declaring the data type with a keyword similar to
> COYOTE_FIELD DataType keyword.   I guess I was thinking that it would nice to be
> able to declare the field type on the fly by passing along the TYPE index
> (returned by the SIZE function) to CW_FIELD (or COYOTE_FIELD) rather than
> specifying "/Float",...  Is it possible to have each type of keyword (a string
> "DataType" and and integer "Type")competing to define the field type?

Well, this is exactly the kind of thing (declaring field type 
on the fly) that is trivial to do if the program was written
as an object. It is much harder to do written the way it
is currently. I'll leave it up to you to turn it into an
object and send me the result. :-)



P.S. Don't forget to include Struan's request for
floating value formatting. :-)

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