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ANNOUNCE: plotconfig

Hi all,

I wrote an object widget tool to interactively
configure plot parameters (line style, thickness, etc).
It's easy to use - just set the parameters and pass
them to PLOT via the _EXTRA keyword:

    config = plotConfig ()
    PLOT, INDGEN (10), _EXTRA = config
    ; Or you can just configure and plot in one command
    PLOT, INDGEN (10), _EXTRA = plotConfig ()

Here is a picture of it so you can see if it's
worth downloading :-)


The code is available at




Robert S. Mallozzi                                       256-544-0887
                                                      Mail Code SD 50
http://gammaray.msfc.nasa.gov/           Marshall Space Flight Center 
http://cspar.uah.edu/~mallozzir/                 Huntsville, AL 35812