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Re: ANNOUNCE: plotconfig

In article <3838409C.87C16296@wellesley.edu>,
	"Richard G. French" <rfrench@wellesley.edu> writes:
>> P.S. And, please, in the future give poor Robert a couple
>> more days to bask in the glory before peppering him
>> with suggestions. You have no idea how intimidating it is
>> to see your e-mail piling up with immediate suggestions
>> for how the code you sweated over for days can be
>> improved. It doesn't help, of course, (I speak from
>> experience here) that most of the suggestions are for
>> improvements that (in retrospect) should have been
>> completely obvious to any thinking person writing
>> the code in the first place. :-(
> My apologies, Robert! In my enthusiasm for the possibilities of
> changing your routine, I was not intending to be critical of
> what you have done. I'm still a hunter-gatherer - I hunt for
> code that does more or less what I want, and gather bits and
> pieces of it together. I may take a year or too for me to move
> up the ladder to 'expert'. Thanks again for your hard work!
> Dick

I put an updated version of plotconfig on

Hopefully I've added a few of the bits and pieces you 
wanted.  I added {X|Y}STYLE, {X|Y}MARGIN, and SYMSIZE
settings.  The widget is getting very large though, it's
almost too big to be called a "dialog widget" anymore :-)



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