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Number of colors of widget appliation


I am develloping a widget application with IDL.  The widget contains a 
couple of draw windows.  One displays an image I read from a jpg file, 
the other display graphic objectes.

I do not have enough colors in the widget program, and I would like to 
use more.  Of course I went through Dave Fannings web site and found
the tip how to force IDL to use a certain number of colors.

So I tried to add an COLORS ekyword to the widget_draw commands, but
that does not work.  IDL still shares the colors with my desktop and
allocates too few colors.

The I thought: lets try to be clever:  I just open a window before I
start my widget application.  So I did

IDL> window, colors=200
IDL> launch_my_appl.

What happens is this:  The "window" call indeed allocates a large
number of colors.  The widget application seems to use many colors as
well, but it dissplays them with the shares color map - totally
wrong.  THis is independant of where my cursor is - on the widget or
somewhere else.

Now, when I move the cursor to the window I opened with "window, colors=200",
the draw window in the widget shows the correct colors, but the rest
of the widget is wrong.

So how can I make the main window of a widget allocate its own color
table and share it with all child objects in that widget?


- Carsten, desperate, after a day of fiddling.

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