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Re: Is there an interactive TVimage out there?

Karri Kaksonen <karri.kaksonen@picker.fi> writes:
> I have a need to create a widget that is basically TVImage.
> On top of TVImage I would like to have some interactive
> functionality with the middle-button of the mouse like:
> If the middle button is pressed you could adjust the
> intensity and contrast of the image.
> If Shift+middle button is pressed you can zoom in/out.
> If Ctrl+middle button is pressed you can pan around the image.
> Does somebody have a similar widget hanging around?
> If not, then I probably have to write it.

It sounds like you have very specific requirements, so you will
probably have to write the widget yourself.  However, I was really
impressed with Aaron Barth's ATV.PRO, which has a lot of the things
you want, primarily in the astronomy context.  Perhaps you could draw
inspiration -- or even code -- from ATV.



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