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Re: segmentation fault

gross@chuma.cas.usf.edu wrote:

> Hello:
> I'm looking for some expert help....well...any kind of help !
> I am running a procedure that I have written in IDL using the solaris
> x86 operating system...I continually make modifications to my method
> of analysis, so I frequently break out of the program to "RETALL" and
> begin again....
> Unfortunately, after typing "RETALL", I now get the following message
> from IDL..
>         temporary variables are still checked out-cleaning up...
> and then the OS gives a segmentation fault.

We also have such a problem.

Since idl5.2 using ncdf_open and ncdf_close the same failure occure with
all of our IBM aix systems.

If I use ncdf_open /ncdf_close and a device or window command I got the
segmentation fault core dump error.

Not always at the same "ii" but it never reaches 2000.

PRO ncdf_error
; one of the following three commands gives a segmentation fault

   FOR ii=0,2000 DO BEGIN
      file_name = 'ncdf_error.nc'
      cdfid = NCDF_OPEN(file_name,/NOWRITE) ; OPEN the file

WinNT or Linux did not have this problem!

This failure is known since summer of this year by RSI, but it isn't
resolved. It has a high priority I was told.

Somone of  us tries using the netCDF 3.4 library instead of the build in
2.4 by call_external.
The same result - segmentation fault.

I don't know myself if it's a problem by the IBM C-Compiler or how IDL
embedds external linked programs for