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New Beginnings (was: Vaya con Džos)

Hi all,

"David Fanning" <davidf@dfanning.com> wrote two weeks ago:
> Dick has been a huge part of this company's success, but
> he has decided the time has finally come for him to head
> out on his own and start his own IDL consulting business.
> He will be leaving the company and starting his own business
> on December 13th, his birthday. He will be sorely missed.

Thanks for your kind words, David. Unfortunately, I have been too busy with
matters old and new to even look here these last two weeks, so I just read
this today!

I hope the gentle readers will allow this brief intrusion to provide my
contact information (below) for anyone interested in IDL consulting
services. Thanks for your time.


Dick Jackson                     /         dick@d-jackson.com
D-Jackson Software Consulting   /    http://www.d-jackson.com
Calgary, Alberta, Canada       /   Voice/Fax: +1-403-242-7398