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Re: Reading whole directories

"R.Bauer" <R.Bauer@fz-juelich.de> writes:

>"S.N. Heukels" wrote:

>> I have created a WIDGET that runs fine with 1 file.
>> I've now been looking into the possibility of having the user select a
>> directory and process every file in that directory.
>> Is there a way to gain a string or array containing every file in the
>> directory a user selects >> ??
>> Greets Sean Heukels
>> Invivonmr institute
>> Utrecht University, The Netherlands

>look at findfile()


I seem to recall that FINDFILE() has some problems with directories containing
large numbers of files.  Stein Vidar Haugan wrote a routine called FIND_FILE()
that gets around this limitation.  It can be found at


William Thompson