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Another IDL twist

Does anyone know the rhyme or reason for the calling methods for the
built-in IDL READ_* procedures? Sometimes it is:

    image = READ_ASCII(file_name)

but other times it is:

    READ_GIF, file_name, image

What's going on? Do I just have to look it up everytime?

READ_ASCII        Function
READ_BMP          Function
READ_DICOM        Function
READ_GIF          Procedure
READ_JPEG         Procedure
READ_PICT         Procedure
READ_PNG          Function
READ_PPM          Procedure
READ_SPR          Function
READ_SRF          Procedure
READ_SYLK         Function
READ_TIFF         Function
READ_WAVE         Procedure
READ_X11_BITMAP   Procedure
READ_XWD          Function

At least the QUERY_* routines are all functions...

Ed "twistin' the night away" Meinel

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