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Wiener deconvolution, anyone?

Hi, gang -
	I am looking for a 2-D deconvolution routine that
uses a Wiener filter. The specific application is to sharpen up
some Hubble Space Telescope images of Saturn's rings. I have a
reasonable handle on the Point Spread Function (the response to a point
source). I've tried using FFT's and the deconvolution theorem,
and I've tried doing lots of filtering of the input and output, but
it has not been very satisfactory. I've heard good things about
Wiener deconvolution but I have not seen a reference that deals with it
in two dimensions. 
	Any of you folks out there in the oil business have any suggestions? I
know that is one place where this is done!
	Thanks for any suggestions!
Dick French
Astronomy Dept
Wellesley College