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Re: 'secret' function

John Keck (jwk@phys.columbia.edu) writes:

> Does any one have a complete description for the use of ROUTINE_NAMES? 
> If not, does anyone know how to list system variables and structures
> with it?

I don't know anything about ROUTINE_NAMES (expect that it is probably
not a good idea to use it if it is undocumented), but to get help
on system variables you can do this:

   IDL> Help, /System_Variables

If you want help on a structure, you can do something like this:

   IDL> Help, !Version, /Structure
> Also, are there any other undocumented functions or procedures in IDL?

I once spent a three days using a dictionary to find all the 
undocumented procedures and functions that started with the letter A:

   IDL> aardvark
   IDL> aardwolf
   IDL> aargu
   IDL> aba


I didn't find any, but whose to say they don't exist. I got half-way
through running through the whole list as functions before I
decided to leave the rest of the dictionary for a graduate
student project. :-)



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