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Re: 'secret' function

John Keck wrote:
>> Does any one have a complete description for the use of ROUTINE_NAMES? 
> If not, does anyone know how to list system variables and structures
> with it?

The following is a list of the keywords to routine_names, most seem to be
switch keywords, and in many make use of 1 or 2 arguments.

argument:  list the arguments of the given routine (in the current call
comm:  list the compiled routines (?) [default action?]
functions: list the compiled functions.
f_parameters: list the parameters of a function?
f_variables: list variables in a function
fetch: Select the level from which to fetch the  value of a variable
Level: return the current call level
procedures: list the compiled procedures
p_parameters: list the parameters of a procedure?
p_variables:  list variables in a procedure
s:  Set variable
s_procedures: list intrinsic procedures
s_functions: list intrinsic functions
unresolved: list unresolved references
variables:  list defined variables

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