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Re: 'secret' function

John Keck wrote:
> I was trying to get from within a procedure a list of the system
> variables when I stumbled across the GETHELP function that uses the
> ROUTINE_NAMES function.  The latter is not described in the on-line help
> or in the printed reference, so the extent of my knowledge is how the
> function is used in GETHELP.
> Does any one have a complete description for the use of ROUTINE_NAMES?
> If not, does anyone know how to list system variables and structures
> with it?
> Also, are there any other undocumented functions or procedures in IDL?
> Thanks,
> John

I am using this function and I was told by someone of RSI:

ROUTINE_NAMES is an undocumented command.  It is highly
recommended that you not use it in any code which you plan
to run in future versions of IDL.  Its argument and keyword lists
may change, or it may disappear completely.

Use it at your own risk only in code which you won't mind changing
again in the future.

org:Forschungszentrum Jülich
fn:R. Bauer