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Re: You can access Main Level Variables!!!

I think you can....

try using "EXPR=", as in..


note that what happens is that whatever you have after expr= gets
dumped to the command line as if you were typing it...I typically use
this method to create a series of arrays such as im1,im2,im3...,etc.

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000 12:39:43 -0800, Michael Lefsky
<lefsky@fsl.orst.edu> wrote:

>So it turns out you can access main level variables- try this
>create this function:
>function fetch,string
>VAR             STRING    = 'hello'
>So one could do what I want- create a new "foolproof" save command.  Now
>if we just had a way of executing statements as if they were type at the
>main level.
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