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Re: mapping data & grid (MAP_SET MAP_GRID)


If what you want is to have the grid centered about a different place
than the north pole this "kludge" will do the trick.

pro kludge
;puts a grid centered on a different lat lon.

;make some fake data
data = bytscl(sin(dist(360,180)*!dtor),top=200)
map_set,90,-90,/ortho ;get a grid in the center
map_grid,color=!d.table_size-1 ;make sure it is white
;get an image of the centered grid
newImage = tvrd()
;now change the center of the map to 45 north so it is obvious.
;create the data image
img = map_patch(data,xstart=xx,ystart=yy)
;now read in the entire screen
dataImage= tvrd()
;dataImage and newImage are now the same size
;find out where the grid lines are
indices = where( newImage eq !d.table_size-1)
;replace those values in the dataImage
dataImage[indices] = !d.table_size-1


Not very elegent, but it works.

I looked at the map_grid code and with a little work I think it could be
changed to accept a different pole for centering. That is, the command
would be map_grid,centerLat=82, centerLon=-90

Maybe some day I will get to it:)


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