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Re: Projects, anyone?

If you are using a windows OS, I suggest you contact rsi support first.
There are reports (including some of my own) of problems with the PROJECT
function in windows 95/98 - best you get any relevant info for your
specific configuration , first hand.

That said, I have used PROJECT successfully during the lifetime of
idl5.3beta, and found it exceedly useful in terms of building and
maintaining a collectiion of  all my files , and compiling in one hit.  But
dont do it in the release version of idl5.3 until you have checked with

Michael Asten

Ben Tupper wrote:

> Hello,
> I am about to write overhaul a large application.   I'd like to use the
> PROJECTS development tool that comes with IDL 5.3
> Before I plunge in, I'd like to solicit any advice/opinions from folks
> who have used the PROJECTS already.   Is it worth it?  Any advice?
> Anyone using it?
> Thanks,
> Ben
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