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editor in IDLDE 5.3 broken?

Hi all:
We just upgraded from IDL 5.2 to 5.3 on Sun Solaris 2.6.  IDLDE has
problems loading a large PRO file; it won't display all the lines in
the editor.  Sometimes the lines are there, just invisible, sometimes
the file just ends prematurely in the display.  The 5.2 version of
IDLDE works fine.

Before I mess around with Preferences and Xdefaults any more,
I wanted to touch base with the newsgroup and find out if this
is a known problem (with, hopefully, a known workaround!).

Thanks for any info.


-Craig A. Hamilton,PhD cah@medeng.wfubmc.edu
-Wake Forest Univ. School of Medicine
-Dept. of Med. Engr. / MRI Center
-Medical Center Blvd.
-Winston-Salem, NC 27157-1022
-(336)716-2819 [FAX: 2870] [Secr: 6890]