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Re: editor in IDLDE 5.3 broken?

Craig Hamilton <cah@medeng.wfubmc.edu> wrote in message
> Hi all:
> We just upgraded from IDL 5.2 to 5.3 on Sun Solaris 2.6.  IDLDE has
> problems loading a large PRO file; it won't display all the lines in
> the editor.  Sometimes the lines are there, just invisible, sometimes
> the file just ends prematurely in the display.  The 5.2 version of
> IDLDE works fine.
> Before I mess around with Preferences and Xdefaults any more,
> I wanted to touch base with the newsgroup and find out if this
> is a known problem (with, hopefully, a known workaround!).
> Thanks for any info.
> Craig

I have experienced these problems with the v5.3 editor under OpenVMS,
right from the Beta version.

Reliable sources tell me that RSI bought the chroma-coding Editor from a
third party. The size of the file that it will correctly display before
from bottom to top (and other wierd things) varies with font size. The
doesn't dovetail too well with the Development Environment GUI either, in
terms of programmable variations at RSI's level.

It _is_ only meant to be a simple text editor, and certainly the doco makes
ample mention of how to evoke an Emacs editor in IDL mode.

Andrew Cool