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Re: Strange behavior on Unix

Patrick Broos (patb@astro.psu.edu) writes:

> Here at Penn State we're sticking with IDL 5.2 indefinately because
> idlde under 5.3 (in Solaris) cannot deal with .pro files that are longer
> than about 1800 lines.  RSI acknowleges the bug, says it's only Solaris
> and 5.3, and says they probably won't fix it until 5.4.  It really stinks
> to be loyal to an OS (unix) that has so little market leverage.

The alternative is to join the Microsoft baggy-eye brigade
and spend your weekend wee-hours trying to get your machine 
stable again. I'll say this for the pain: it takes your mind 
off IDL's deficiencies. :-)



P.S. I heard from someone this week who wanted to install
Internet Explorer 5 on Windows NT 4. His IDL 5.3 installation 
went all to hell. Finally, RSI technical support told him the two
pieces of software don't work together. Can't run IE5 and
projects together, I guess. This came as news to me, since 
I've been running that particular combination of software
in what I thought was a successful fashion for several months
now. Let's just say I'm turning really, really red from 
holding my breath. :-(

The bottom line is this: even with buggy software, American
worker production was up 5% last year. *Something* must be
working right!

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