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Re: REQ: alternative plot procedure?

Luis Alonso (luis.alonso@uv.es) writes:

> Is there avaible an alternative procedure to standard plot, in which one can
> zoom in, out, measure coordinates, scroll through the data...?

I just put a new example program named ZPLOT up on
my web page (although the pointers to it are still
being worked on). The purpose of the program is to
show users how to zoom into a line plot. Adding
scrolling or panning to the plot would be trivially easy.
No more than a half-hour's work, I imagine. The other
capabilities wouldn't be much harder. (I'd probably
zoom with the Left Button and pan with the Right

Anyway, it gives you a place to start:


The program takes all the positional and keyword parameters
accepted by the IDL PLOT command. It comes in its own
re-sizeable graphics window. To see it work, you can
just call it like this:

   IDL> ZPlot

You click and drag a rubberband box to select the 
region of the plot to zoom into. It currently zooms
only along the X axis, although it is easy enough to
zoom along either/or X and Y axes. Click and release
anywhere in the window to zoom back out.



P.S. Oh, it also demonstrates the intelligent
and device-decomposed-state-independent use of colors,
so you will also need to download my GetColor program:


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