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Re: REQ: alternative plot procedure?

Luis Alonso wrote:
Is there avaible an alternative procedure to standard plot, in which one can
zoom in, out, measure coordinates, scroll through the data...?
You're welcome to use our widget tool function_1d (a GUI replacement for
the PLOT routine).  You can easily control the plot axes, symbols, line styles,
colors, titles, etc. and can overplot multiple datasets.
It's part of a large package that supports analysis
of x-ray astronomical data, but function_1d (and several other widget
tools: dataset_1d, dataset_2d, function_2d) are quite general.
The package is at ftp://ftp.astro.psu.edu/pub/axaf/TARA/
The manual section you'll be most interested in is
although other sections of the manual may be helpful.
I can answer reasonable questions you may have after exploring the

Good luck,
Patrick S. Broos, Systems Analyst/Programmer    patb@astro.psu.edu  

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Penn State University
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